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History of The Fourmost


Originally known as the Blue Jays, then the Four Jays, then the Four Mosts, the band comprised:


Brian O'Hara - lead guitar / vocals

Mike Millward - rhythm guitar / vocals

Billy Hatton - bass / vocals

Dave Lovelady - drums

The Fourmost

The Fourmost traces its origins back to the vibrant Mersey beat scene of the 1960s and was associated with renowned manager Brian Epstein, alongside iconic acts like The Beatles, Billy J Kramer, Gerry and The Pacemakers, and Cilla Black. Initially known for their chart-topping hits such as "Hello Little Girl" (no.9) and "A Little Loving" (no.6), as well as lesser-known tracks like "I'm In Love" (no.17), "Baby I Need Your Lovin" (no.24), "Girls Girls Girls" (no.33), and a cover of George Formby's "Auntie Maggie's Remedy" that failed to make the UK charts, the band faced challenges during the 1970s and early 1980s as they navigated the cabaret circuit amidst the rise of disco, funk, glam rock, and punk. 


 However, since the mid-1980s, The Fourmost has experienced a renaissance as part of the broader 1960s revival movement. They now regularly perform across the UK and Europe, captivating audiences at theatres, cruises, and 60s festivals, attracting a diverse fan base. While the personnel may have changed over the years, the band's sound and appearance have remained consistent. 


 Today, The Fourmost stands as one of the most authentic 1960s bands on the circuit. From their Fender amps, Rapier guitars, and Premier drums to their impeccably tailored suits and stylish Cuban heel boots, they embody the spirit of the era. Their live performances are filled with energy, nostalgia, and a genuine love for the music that defined a generation. Whether they are playing their own hits or paying homage to other iconic artists of the time, The Fourmost never fail to transport audiences back to the swinging sixties.


The band's dedication to preserving the authenticity of their sound is evident in their meticulous attention to detail. From the harmonies and melodies to the arrangements and instrumentation, they strive to recreate the magic of the original recordings. Their commitment to excellence has earned them a loyal following and a reputation as one of the best live acts of their kind.


Beyond their musical prowess, The Fourmost also exude charm and charisma on stage. Their infectious enthusiasm and engaging stage presence create an immersive experience for the audience, making them feel like they are part of the era they are celebrating. It is this combination of talent, authenticity, and showmanship that sets The Fourmost apart from other tribute acts and keeps fans coming back for more.


As they continue to tour and perform, The Fourmost remains a testament to the enduring appeal of 1960s music. Their ability to transport audiences back in time and evoke a sense of nostalgia is a testament to the timeless quality of the songs they play. Whether you were there during the Mersey beat era or are discovering the music for the first time, The Fourmost is a band that will make you fall in love with the sounds of the 1960s all over again.


The Fourmost Promo Image

The Fourmost comprise of:


Kevin Clarkson - drums / vocals

Lee Clarkson - bass / vocals

Des Thurlby - guitar / vocals

Matthew Johnson - guitar / vocals

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