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1963 Hello Little Girl / Just In Case

1963 I'm In Love / Respectable

1964 A Little Lovin' / Waiting For You

1964 How Can I Tell Her / You Got That Way

1964 Baby I Need Your Lovin' / That's Only What They Say

1965 Everything In The Garden / He Could Never

1965 Girls Girls Girls / Why Do Fools Fall In Love

1966 Here There And Everywhere / You've Changed

1966 Auntie Maggies Remedy / Turn The Lights Down

1968 Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie / He Could Never

1969 Rosetta / Just Like Before

1969 Easy Squeezy / Do I Love You?


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1964 The Sound Of The Fourmost


1964 The Fourmost


L.P 1965 First And Fourmost  Track Listing:


Till You Say You'll Be Mine

Yakety Yak

Girls Girls Girls

My Block

So Fine

Some Kind Of Wonderful

The Girl Can't Help It

Today I'm In Love

The In Crowd

Baby Sittin' Boogie

Heebie Jeebies

Sure To Fall (In Love With You)

Bound To Lose My Heart

Something's Got A Hold On Me 

All images courtesy of John Clarkson© Photography 2024


The Fourmost, 1960s Retro Band

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